Who We Are

My Healing Tracker was born out of a personal need. Our family was introduced to the concept of food as medicine when we began a journey to heal our son’s food intolerances. At each doctor’s visit, our family was tasked with tracking the details of our son’s foods to help identify and pinpoint a particular cause or set of symptoms that correlated with changes in his health. Our own attempts to properly document information manually on paper and in graphs revealed the need to create a singular place for this vital information.
My Healing Tracker is the solution born out of this experience and it is our express wish to share this valuable tool with others in hopes that it will aid in their healing process.
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My Healing Tracker is an online tool to help track and record shareable data for individuals seeking vibrant health and healing through the use of food. Our online journal allows you to track daily intake of food, supplements, record sleep patterns, bowel movements, symptoms ,schedule and document the elimination or addition of foods, and other important details from dietary changes to doctor’s appointments.
The Comprehensive dashboard allows you to see all of your information in one place and offers the ability to view progress, track patterns and share key information with your practitioner via easy-to-read graphs and Reports.